Tuxedomoon - Ghost Sonata

Ghost Sonata

VHS-VIDEO, 1982, Double Vision (GB), incl. "Time to lose" and "The Stranger"
Tuxedomoon - Four Major Events (Live at the Target)

Four Major Events (Live at the Target)

VHS-VIDEO, 1983, Target Video (USA)
Ralph Video Volume I

Ralph Video Volume I

VHS-VIDEO (Compilation), 1984, Ralph Records (USA), "Jinx"
Tuxedomoon - Seismic Riffs

Seismic Riffs

DVD by Merill Adlighieri, 2004, Crammed (B)
Tuxedomoon - The Super 8 Years

The Super 8 Years

DVD, 2007, Transparency
Tuxedomoon - 7707

7707 - The Tuxedomoon 30th Anniversary Box

3 CD's + 1 DVD, 2007, Crammed (B)