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Tonbandmaschinen aus den 60er Jahren

Frühe Aufnahmen

Peabrained Earwigs (1986)

| Flangebox

Karin - voc., Ollie - bass, Tschatscho - guit., Patrick - kpr77 + cybl.

no name (1988)

| Dr. Rhythm'ism

Dr. Rhythm & Mrs. Sample - elec., Tschatscho - guit.

Fishheads (1990)

| Allerheiligen (Impro)

Ulli - key., Rolf - guit., Tamatra - voc., Patrick - drms.

Noise Factory 2, CD (1996), STEIN sein Productions

"1996, summer: 16 musicians came together in the countryside to take part in the Noise-Factory, an annual workshop organized by the Hörbar e.V. aiming to bring together musicians of all areas of experimental music.
In a huge house in a small village, they spent ten days creating new collaborations, ideas and music without noticing the outer world.
In five studios more than 20 hours of music were recorded.
The best tracks of these recordings are on this CD."

Noise Factory 2 - Cover

Six and more - Oisi Voci, CD (1999), Archegon

"Live electronic music for "SIX AND MORE" musicians, no overdubs."

Six and more - OISI VOCI - Cover

Erdenreich – Tai Chi Tu, LP (2018), Sireena Records

Erdenreich – Tai Chi Tu - Cover

Tura Ya Moya – Huko Na Huko, CD (2019), Sireena Records

Tura ya moya – huko na huko - Cover